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Developcoins, a leading Cryptocurrency development company as well as the best token development company offers the best cryptocurrency development and token creation services on any popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, BSC, Polygon, Solana and more. In our 10+ years of journey in the crypto industry, we have served serveral startups, mid-level and large-level businesses for a variety of industries that includes e-commerce, healthcare, gaming, fintech, trading and so on. With constant technology update and experience in the crypto industry, we gratify all the needs of our clients and show them a unique path to make their business stand ahead. Below mentioned are some of the extensive crypto and blockchain solutions that the Developcoins offers. 

ICO Development

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BC.Game Clone Script

Betfury Clone Script

Move-To-Earn Game Development

Soulbound Token Development

DeFi token Development

NFT Token Development

Ethereum Token Development

TRON Token Development

BEp20 Token Development

Binance Smart Chain Token Development

Security Token Development

ICO Token Development

Utility Token Development

Altcoin Development

StableCoin Development

NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse Development Services

We work with leading brand owners to drive insights from the growing mountain of retailer sales data. We simplify things, turning data into actionable insight by highlighting opportunities to increase sales and improve ROI on field sales and trade marketing investments.

By gathering daily store level sales data for every SKU, in each store we can direct alerts to the right person in our client’s business. That could be Field Sales, Key Accounts, Customer Marketing or Supply Chain.


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Heatmap website can help you understand your website visitors better. You can know where they click or what actions they take on your website. What elements do they notice, and what goes ignored by them? Well, not only in this way, but website heat map can help you in many different ways that we’ll discuss later. But do you know there are different types of heat maps?

In this blog, we give you detailed information about heat map and how you can create a free heatmap website. 

What is a heat map? 


heatmap website (or heat map) is a visual representation of data, and the values are shown by the intensity of color. They are crucial as they show what’s working and what’s not working on your site or web page.

Website heatmaps can enable you to carry out A/B testing easily. You can place CTA buttons or elements differently and test them with heat map. This will help you know if users’ interaction and engagement are affected.  Online heatmaps can make data evaluation and understanding easy. Heat map make it easy for marketers, researchers, and product managers to present data to teams.  

History of Heat map

Heatmap creator are assumed to have originated in the 19th century in the Paris districts. At that time manual gray-shading scale was used to present data patterns in tables and matrices. 

The term ‘heat map’ was coined in the early 1990s by software designer Cormac Kinney. He created it to present financial market data in real-time. At the present time, you can create heatmap use Excel spreadsheets. You can also use insights tools like WebMaxy Analyzer or Hotjar for create heat map.

What is a website heat map and how you can use it for your website? 

Website heat maps can help you identify the popular and unpopular elements of your website. You can see which elements are getting clicks from people by their color representation. You can know the unpopular & unclicked elements of your website and alter them to get better customer engagement.

Who can use heat maps and how it works?

Heatmaps can be of great use to digital marketers, product researchers, data analysts, UI/UX designers, and so on. They can be used by anyone who wants to understand their website visitors and improve their experience. 

Google Analytics heat map extension can help you to discover deep insights like- why users are not clicking on CTA buttons or why they aren’t converting. Heatmap website can help you to get into the core of why users behave the way they do. 

By using quantitative and qualitative data, you can execute in-depth heatmap analysis. You can identify user behavior patterns and trends and make changes accordingly. This will help you to increase your user engagement and further sales.  Heat map also show the areas till where the users have scrolled down on the website. This way, you can know if the users are seeing the important information or not. 

Create your heat map right away

Understand how people use your site.

Benefits of using heat maps

Heat map can help you see how the users interact with the website pages. They can help you to get answers to some of your crucial business questions, like:

  • Are your users clicking on the CTA buttons or main links?
  • If they reach or see important content?
  • If there are any disturbing elements on the web page?
  • Are website visitors facing any issues with the website?
  • If people are clicking some unclickable elements?

Heat map can aid you in making data-driven and well-informed decisions. Heat map tool are a visual and can help you understand when to make website changes. 

What are the different types of heat maps? 

In this section, we will tell you the heat map examples that you can utilize.  Basically, there are three different heat map examples, and each reveals distinct information. Below, we have explained each of them in detail for your information. 

Click Maps 


Click maps show where the users have clicked or tapped on your website. They can help you know if the CTAs are getting clicked and placed relevantly. The click maps are color-coded, and the most clicked areas are indicated with bright colors. 

Scroll Maps 

scroll map is a type of heatmap that shows how far the website visitors have scrolled down on your website. They can help you know if the web pages are too long or not interesting enough for users to scroll down. 

Move maps 

Move maps exhibit how the users have moved their mouse through your website while navigating. This information can help you to know the concentration and distraction areas of your website. 

How can you set heat maps for free? 

WebMaxy Analyzer is a heatmap generating tool that can help you to set free heatmap of website. Follow the steps given below to set free heatmaps on your web pages. 

  • Step 1: Create a WebMaxy Analyzer account. You can also use your Google account for this purpose.
  • Step 2: Install the WebMaxy code to the backend of your website using the WordPress plugin or Google Tag Manager. People who responded with 7 or 8.
  • Step 3: Now login to your WebMaxy Analyzer account and go to the dashboard.
  • Step 4: Click on the ‘Analyze’ option, and a drop-down box will appear. Click on the ‘Heatmap’ and there you’ll get the ‘Create a heatmap’ option.
  • Step 5: You need to add a title and the URL of the web page on which you want a heatmap.

Final words 

Heatmaps can help you uncover a lot of information on what’s going on your website. You can know how your website visitors interact and engage with your website elements. This detailed and accurate information can aid you in making major changes. 

WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytics tool that can help you in understanding your users. Along with heatmaps, it has many features such as session recordings, surveys & polls, feedback, funnel view, form analytics, push notificationsA/B testing, advanced integrations, and much more. Schedule a demo with our experts for more information on WebMaxy Analyzer, or email us at sales@webmaxy.com

Set your heatmap instantly!

Register for a free Webmaxy account, insert the tracking code into your website, and start using heatmaps right away.

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