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Fast Food

Coming straight from Louisiana to Texas, LA Burgers and Daiquiris brings you the authentic taste of our Southern cuisine. Handed down across generations, all of our flavors carry the unique and traditional taste of Cajun and Creole cooking.
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At DurianExpressDelivery, our customers come first. We’re the only durian seller to have a dedicated customer happiness department to help serve you better and provide unparalleled durian delivery service in Singapore.
Whether you have any problem with your order, or simply want a person to chat with us, we’ll be more than happy to serve you!

Order Durian Online
1. Black Gold Durian
2. Mao Shan Wang/Musang KING(MSW)
3. Durian Puree
4. XOD13 Durian
5. D101
6. Vacuum Frozen Packed Durian

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LFC – London Fried Chicken. We serve flaming hot fried chicken made with our secret recipe direct from London to Punjab. Our menu combines all the authentic london style fried chicken and other combo meals so that you can enjoy in every bite.
“If you Like KFC, Then you will love LFC”
Visit Us: Shop No. 2, New Market, Village Bhagwanpur, Jalandhar – Nakodar Rd, Lambra, Punjab 144026

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” Lunch vahi jo ghar ka ehsas dilaye

We provide you healthy, nutritious, and home-style food cooked using organic vegetables.

At Super Rasoi, We Treat Every Customer like Our Own Family Member and Prepare Every Meal with the Same Warm, Love, and Care which keeps you Healthy and Increases your productivity.

Our Foods are prepared by Women Staff to Give a Real Home Taste. We prepare foods using fresh and organic vegetables and other raw ingredients.

At Super Rasoi, we are setting up a Pure Vegetarian tiffin service for office goers and students who want to eat food similar they eat at their home

We have two bed rooms on third and fourth floors, you can feeling homey and cozy with large window full of natural lights and winds, balcony with some of small tree such as lime tree, jasmine tree or chilies tree… You can feel as your home because you can use the kitchen, working space have full of facilities, gym room, living room, dining room, laundry room…

We are so happy to introduce our first lovely homestay in Hanoi. I and my friend both are travel lovers, we have common ideas and passions to set up our homestay. Le silk boutique homestay is our first project , we want to share to all friends in the world our perspective to Hanoi. Everything from macrame wall hanging, silk painting, artificial tree wall are handmade (by us ofc :p). We worked hard to design and decorate our house and make you will have best experiences in the Hanoi tour

Order homemade food Online – Visit Good Bitee for Midnight Home Cooked Food Delivery to all over the world. Get delicious home meals online in various recipes and flavors at Good Bitee.
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About Us: Order from your favorite restaurants & track on the go, with the all-new “Box Food Order Online Food Delivery App” Box Food has hundreds of restaurants to choose from which are very near to you based on your current location. When you open the Box Food mobile app, you can scroll through the feed for inspiration or search for a particular restaurant and it’s cuisine. When you find your favorite, touch to add it to your cart.We will be on the way immediately to delivery on-time.Absolutely eggless this waffle mix contains flour, baking powder, milk, sugar and vegetable oil apart from ample amount of high-quality matcha (green tea powder). Easy and quick to make matcha waffles can be topped with natural yogurt, seasonal fruits or shredded coconut for a delicious breakfast or mini lunch item. Health benefits of matcha waffle include boosting of metabolism, increasing of energy level, and providing a good source of antioxidants. It helps fight cancer, burns fat, and relaxation of body and mind.Order food online from Khushiram’s Food restaurant Because It is the best place to eat and We are also offering a huge variety of Indian food with the facility of ordering online and free delivery over the order of 500 INR. You will get the most delicious food with khushirams. Our top-notch customer services and food made by the highly skilled professionals make us the best restaurant food in Ludhiana.