Global Fitness is a Complete Sports Equipment Shop in Patna, Bihar. We are the true pioneers in bringing the best-in-class fitness solutions to the Indian market. We deal in a wide range of all premium gym equipment in Patna such as Treadmill, Elliptical Cross Trainer, Upright Bikes, Spin Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Exercise Bikes, Gym, Strength & Weight Training, and all other Fitness Accessories. We deal in all Top brands of gym equipment such as Aerofit, Hercules, Unique fitness, USI, and many more. We bring to the Indian fitness market the latest in Innovation and trends in fitness equipment. We are Popularly Famous as Best Treadmill Shop in Patna. We are not just Covering home users and corporates, but also leading athletes, sporting clubs, gyms, health clubs, and more. We are working hard to keep all our gym equipment across India running non-stop so gym owners and members get the maximum benefits of our products. You can buy home gym equipment online on our website or also visit our store in Patna near Banjara Restaurant, Explore thousands of gym equipment under one roof. For any Query, feel free to call us @ 9334468341

Rajesh Health Club n Swimming Pool in Airoli Sector-1, Navi Mumbai ,is one of the most popular, well known, prominent and best gym and club in Navi Mumbai. Rajesh health club has the best and the oldest gym n swimming pool in Airoli established in 1996 and serving the fitness enthusiasts of all ages since last 25 years. It has the advantage of best location as its situated very near to Airoli Railway station. Gym subscription is one of the cheapest and most cost effective and is unisex. It is more like a family fitness hub. The Rajesh health club can meet all your fitness requirement like gym, cardio, swimming, crossfit, yoga, kickboxing, steam bath, etc. all services under one roof for entire family. We have the best and most mod

Machineless work-Out Airoli is known for being the best gym in Airoli. We came out as the machineless gym in Airoli because we believe in a core workout more than a machine workout. We pledge to make you healthy and fit by not just doing a workout. It is the bestest gym located in Airoli sector 8. And we are well known for the fitness gym in Airoli. We are here to make you know that workouts can be done by using less machine usage. Everyone can do a workout through hard work, but we are here for you to make you understand that even in a workout smart work is mandatory with a little hard work. Our main concern is to give you our best services and make people aware of a core workout. A foremost gym located near Airoli.

Who do not want to be fit but many of us don’t even have access to the gym and here is the solution named gym equipments manufacturer in Jalandhar, Punjab and India at very affordable prices. Buy online gym equipments that are designed with experts and professional body builders to offer you the best only. We are established in 1985 at New Delhi by Mr. Anand whose valuable experience in the fitness industry can help you in success. Most exciting fact is that our offerings match the exact requirements of our clients in awe of making a healthier world.I am Sudam Shelar, a certified personal trainer in Mumbai who is passionate about health and vitality. With my certifications and many years of experience as a personal instructor, I have come to efficiently devise workout routines that are customized and result-oriented. My prime focus always remains with the well being and overall health of my clients. Hence, I thoroughly understand the physical factors of every individual, such as age, occupation and food preferences, and then provide corrective training, core training as well as nutritional advice, to boost their capacity. I believe in setting realistic goals and so, design training exercises that are dynamic but safe. I also track the progress of my clients and accordingly develop challenging and advancing training techniques for them. I offer the following services across Mumbai, 1. PERSONAL TRAINING 2. MUSCLE REHABILITATION 3. YOGA / POWER YOGA TRAINING 4. GYM MANAGEMENT & SET UP 5. KICK BOXING TRAINING 6. DIET AND NUTRITION You can get in touch with ME using the following details: Website: Mobile: +91 9870636408While you help your customers achieve their fitness goal, HealthRaja helps you achieve your business goals with their Gym & Fitness Club Management Software.FITPASS is your app based pass to workout at India’s top gyms and fitness centers near you. With FITPASS you can reserve any gym workout, zumbayoga, dance, aerobics, tabata, mma hiit, spinning, swimming, karate and many more fitness options at one single app. You have access of 3000+ gyms and unlimited workouts from FITPASS. Do workout anytime, anywhere.Strong core fitness club started in 2017. It is led by Mr. Biswajit Barick and well-experienced trainers who offer personal training, diet assistance, supplements, and various useful services. Our first branch was set up in Safdarjung, New Delhi. Strong core lives up to the reputation to give results! Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular health, the only strong core has the atmosphere and experience you need! Strong Core Gym is one of the best gyms in Green Park. The atmosphere, the trainers, and all the staff is very helpful and friendly. We have no qualms in calling ourselves the best gym in Hauz Khas The best gym in Safdarjung. Join us, take a free day!Herbalife weight loss centre in Bhubaneswar can be regarded as one of the most sought after centres because of its effectiveness and quality.

INTENSITY is our brand name of the business. We will provide the premium health & Fitness services to the population. Our business is based on the two simple facts which are as follow:

We are focused towards changing people’s lifestyle by offering and educating area population.

Our concern is to provide premium health and fitness services in various location of Ahmedabad.

At INTENSITY, we tie population directly to the health and fitness issues. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care alternative are point in the wrong direction. These traditional efforts are what we call sensitive, for example we wait until we have been stricken with illness or injury, and then pay for the necessary treatments. Our contemporary approach, which emphasizes prevention and good health and fitness promotion, is much more proactive.

By helping Population, change their activity patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles, INTENSITY will lower their health care expenditures, while raising healthy lifestyle. Better lifestyle will reduce stress and mental fatigue, boosts natural energy, Cure sleeping disorders, improves cardiovascular function, healthy appetite which also helps to reduce and control body weight and fat percentage etc.

INTENSITY encourages and creates opportunities for people to design healthy lifestyle for self, their family and friends. We are agents of change, and we are dealing for Future Obesity, so we called ourselves FOPSA (Future Obesity Problem Solving Agents). High Tech age appropriate cardio equipment and health and fitness planning tools are utilised to improve individual well being status with targeted personal interventions.

For more information about our Fitness Center in Ahmedabad feel free contact us.