Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases

Sorbead India is a well-known molecular sieve manufacturer in India. Molecular sieves desiccants are widely used in removing water or moisture from different liquids, solvents, and gases. The types of molecular sieves desiccants offered by Sorbead India include 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X molecular sieves, available in beads, pellets, and powder form. Also, Sorbead India is the best carbon molecular sieves manufacturer in India. Applications of molecular sieves include natural gas drying, insulated glass dehydration, solvent drying and distillation, oxygen purification, mercaptan removal, sweetening, etc.

Sorbead India has a trusted name in the desiccants and adsorbents market for the superior manufacturing quality of activated alumina balls.

When engrossed in water, activated alumina will never disintegrate, shrink, or swell.

The main task of our air drying desiccants is to dehydrate the air and remove the contaminants to get pure air.