Mobile,Smart phones

Mobile,Smart phones

Are You Looking to sell your old/used smartphone? Cash2phone is an Online Platform on which you can Sell Old Mobile Phone Online for Instant Payment. No need to keep your old phone in the Drawer or in Almira.

Just Follow three simple steps. No need to publish it in any classified. No discussion, No bargaining. A Fair price will be paid as per the current condition of your Device.

Price Quoted is based on a small questionnaire. like how old is your phone, and what are accessories available. any functional defects. and an Overall Condition. The basis of this Our system will calculate the Best Price For your Old Phone. If You Agreed to the Quoted Price. Then book a Slot for Pick From Your Home Or Office Address. Pick Up is Completely Free. we charge nothing, no hidden charges are there. On the Scheduled Date, Our Executive will visit your location and after inspection, Instant Payment will be done on the Spot. And your old phone is sold.

MobilGoo helps people to buy refurbished phones online at an affordable price. The company offers a wide range of repaired, tested, and certified phones from well-known companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and more. The most recent models from these brands can be purchased from MobileGoo refurbished mobile store for a reasonable price by students or working professionals with low salaries. The manufacturer’s warranty on the devices is for 6 months. As one of the best refurbished mobile sites in India, they already got plenty of satisfied customers.


Sell Old Mobile Phone & Laptop online in India for best price. Quick and Simple Process – Search Device, Get Instant Quote, Choose Pickup Slot, Get Free Same Day Doorstep Pickup, Onspot Payment.

At Mobex, we believe in the philosophy that everything has a purpose and nothing should go to waste. Whether it’s a Renewed phone or repairing an old phone, we believe in giving a second life to all products. Our vision is to effectively manage and subsequently minimise the-wastage.

We iTree , Authorized Apple Store Based out of Kathriguppe, Bangalore. We deal with a complete range of Apple Products and services. We help you to get a right Apple Product, and we hate to be a box mover and not inclined towards selling and making money, and we believe in helping to choose the best Product at an affordable price. Our service-Team is our strength, and we have repaired thousands of Apple Products. Our strength is to repair your Apple Product and deliver the Product in the same day.

As our mobile phones age with time, more problems arise. This is when you have to go to a mobile phone repair shop. But, in most cases, our phones suffer common problems that we can attend to on our own.

Without further ado, here are solutions to common mobile phone problems.

Problem #1: Mobile phone is responding slowly.

One of the most common mobile phone problems that people rant about is that phones tend to run slow as the years go by. This happens naturally when our phones age. The root cause of this problem comes from all the files on your phone. This includes all the applications, photos, videos, documents and more. This data clogs up the device’s RAM which slows down the phone’s responding speed.

Solution: Get rid of all the unnecessary applications. Those that you have not used in the past month have got to go. This just means that you don’t need them. This way, you can clear up the cache data in your phone. It should respond better at this state.

Problem #2: Broken mobile phone screen. 

Our phone screens are not vulnerable to heavy impact. This is why when they fall or stepped on, the screen tends to crack. There is no other way to go about this but to have it fixed right away. Even if it’s just a small crack, it’s important to have it repaired before it leads to more serious problems.


Please visit: Solutions to Common Mobile Phone Problems

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