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Fast bowling is arguably the most thrilling thing of cricket. The most exciting element of the game keeps the audience engaged and thrills them. Fast bowling is much more than just raw speed. Additionally, it involves accuracy and outwitting the batsman. Some of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of cricket have graced the game over the years, captivating us with their speed, accuracy, and cunning. In international cricket they will always be known for their exceptional bowling efforts over an extended period of time.

Here’s a list of Best Fast Bowlers

1. Dennis Lillee

2. Malcolm Marshall

3. Wasim Akram

4. Glenn McGrath

5. Curtly Ambrose

6. Waqar Younis

7. Dale Steyn

8. Kapil Dev

9. Fred Trueman

10. Richard Hadlee

The ruler of the Indian princely state of Nawanagar was Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Jam Saheb of Nawanagar (10 September 1872 – 2 April 1933), often known as Ranji or K. S. Ranjitsinhji. One of the best batsmen of all time is largely recognised as Ranji. He was referred to as “the Midsummer night’s dream of cricket” by Neville Cardus.


Ranjitsinhji was the first person of Indian origin to play Test cricket. He was the first Indian to pursue the sport of cricket, and he excelled as a batsmen who, with the help of his novel approach, revolutionised batting. He is regarded as one of the best batsmen to have ever lived. He revolutionised the batting by using unconventional technique and quick reactions. One of history’s greatest batsmen, Prince Ranjitsinhji is widely regarded as the father of Indian cricket.


Not just because he was a remarkable athlete, Ranjitsinhji is a significant character in the histories of modern India and the British Empire. He is significant because he was praised for being a superb athlete.


Ranjitsinhji stands out as a batsmen since he is a unique individual with a unique playing style. He began playing cricket when he was ten years old. While he was a student in Great Britain in 1891, he joined Cambridgeshire County Cricket Club. He later participated in university games before making his test debut for England.


Ranji scored 77 and 150 against the MCC on his Sussex debut in May 1895,and he quickly established himself as a regular in the team. In the world of sport in general, as well as the sphere of cricket, Ranji was a tremendous star. He immediately had an influence on Sussex’s batting and soon began attracted large crowds everywhere he played, both for the runs he scored and the manner in which he made them.


He was quickly chosen for the England side in 1896 thanks to his runs. Ranji visited Australia in 1897–18, and despite being unwell, he performed well, scoring 175 in the first test. He played regularly for England from that point on until 1902, scoring 989 runs at an average of 44.95 in fifteen tests for his adopted nation. He did, however, make the majority of his runs for Sussex. He scored 2,780 runs in 1896 with 10 hundreds, and 3,159 runs with eight centuries in 1899 to become the first batsmen to surpass 3,000 runs. He replicated the milestone in 1900 and scored 2,077 runs in 1905.


Ranji captained Sussex from 1899 to 1903 and scored 1,000 runs overall in his twelve seasons of play. Between 1895 and 1920, he scored 18,594 runs for Sussex, averaging 63.2 runs per innings, with a high of 285no against Somerset in 1901.


He scored 24,962 runs overall in 307 matches at an average of 56.37, including 72 hundreds and 109 fifties. His greatest performances were 285* and 133 wickets, including the best 6 for 53 and four times five wicket innings. The enchanted right-handed batsman played for England in 15 Test matches and scored 989 runs at an average of 44.95 with 206 fifty-plus scores. Ranji secured 15 catches and scored 39 runs from one wicket.

William Gilbert Grace, 18 July 1848–23 October 1915, an English amateur cricketer, is regarded as the father of cricket. Grace, a right handed batsman and bowler, controlled the game for most of his career. His profound influence and technical discoveries left an enduring legacy. 


WG Grace was a superb all around player who was exceptional at all three key positions of batting, bowling, and fielding, but is most well known for his batting. He is credited with developing contemporary batsmanship. He typically started the innings and was well regarded for his command of all strokes. Modern commentators described his level of proficiency as being exceptional.


WG Grace was a showman who attracted huge crowds to the game. Despite the general public’s lack of knowledge of the sport he accomplished more than anybody else to popularise, his name still carries weight with them. He undoubtedly served as cricket’s first icon. He was simply referred to as the champion and the “Father of Cricket.”


From the village green to Lord’s, he ruled cricket, and he was largely responsible for the sport’s emergence into the modern era. He became a master batsman at the young age of 16, and his supremacy in 1871 may be recognised by looking at the national averages.  


William Gilbert Grace made his first-class debut at the age of 16 in 1865. He quickly rose to fame as the first cricket superstar after reaching 224 unbeaten for an All-England team against Surrey in 1866. At the time, such large scores were incredibly uncommon. He gained widespread recognition as the greatest cricket player ever. From that point forward, he was “the biggest name in cricket and the main  spectator attraction’.” Only 18 years old, he was already referred to as the champion of cricket.


He consistently had a significant lead in the national batting averages; from 1869 to 1880, he was first in all but two of those years and typically averaged over 50 when few players could even reach the top 30. He amassed 2,739 runs (an average of 78.25) during the 1871 season, a total that wasn’t surpassed for 25 years.


His accomplishment was the result of various factors. He invented a method that could demolish even the best fast bowling on fields that were frequently dangerously rough. He was 6 feet tall and solidly built. When many thought it was a style misstep to do anything other than hit the ball directly back where it came from or through the covers, he also opened up the leg side as a scoring location.


He demonstrated how long it was possible to bat by using a decent technique, lots of patience, and complete attention to the task. He scored 344 against Kent in 1876, which was the biggest first-class score ever recorded at the time, 177 against Nottinghamshire, and 318 against Yorkshire. Nobody in cricket had ever been so methodical. Between 1874 and 1886, he recorded 100 wickets in a season nine times and completed the match double of 100 runs and 10 wickets 17 times.


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