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When It Comes To Braving The Elements, Your Skin Does A Lot Of Work To Protect The Rest Of Your Body From Sunlight, Bacteria, Fungi, Microscopic Bugs, And More. It’s No Wonder That Skin Conditions Are Often So Frustratingly Visible.

The Good News Is That It Has A Built-In Alarm System To Visually Alert You When There’s An Issue. It’s Pretty Hard To Ignore An Itchy Bug Bite Or Swelling Hives. Even Dry Or Flaky Skin Can Clue You In That Something’s Off.

We Talk With Homeopath And Dermatologist Dr. Abhishek Kasana About 6 Of The Most Common Skin Disease. They’re All Totally Normal – And In Most Cases, Easy To Treat.

  1. Acne

What It Looks Like: Whiteheads, Cysts, Blackheads, And Zits.

Where You Get It: Face, Back, Arms, Chest, Butt, Shoulders.

What Causes It: Bacteria, Buildup Of Dead Skin Due To Lack Of Exfoliation, And Hormones.

Allopathy Treatments:

Over-The-Counter Products With Benzoyl Peroxide.

Topical Creams, Gels, And Lotions With Antimicrobial Or Retinoid Ingredients Such As Clindamycin, Sulphur Washes, Adapalene, Differin, Retin-A, And Tretinoin.

Oral Antibiotics And Medications Like Doxycycline, Minocycline, And Accutane, For Anyone With Painful Cystic Acne Or People In Their 20s Or 30s Who’ve Tried Everything And Still Can’t Get Rid Of Their Acne.

Laser, Microdermabrasion, And Chemical Peels.

Aura Homoeopathic Clinic Work On The Main Pathology Or The Root Cause Of Any Disease. As Per Homeopathy Acne Is Due To Underlying Miasmatic Influence And Imbalance Of Vital Principle. Classical Homeopathy Treatment At Aura Homeopathy Gently Stimulating The Vital Force, Strengthening It Naturally And Completes The Healing Process With The Help Of Similimum – Well Selected Homeopathic Medicine.

As Per Dr.Abhishek Acne Occur Because Of Hormonal Changes Or Functional Change In Our Body, Which Are Psoric In Nature. Acne Can Be Treated Successfully With Antipsoric Homeopathic Medicine.

  1. Eczema (Dermatitis)

What It Looks Like: Dry, Itchy, Red Skin.

Where You Get It: Crooks Of Your Arms, Backs Of Your Knees, Hands, Feet. What Causes It: Family Genetics. Allergic Reaction To Things Like Poison Ivy, Fragrances, Or Nickel. Chronic Use Of Harsh Agents Like Hair Dye Or Soap.

Allopathy Treatments: Hydrocortisone 1% But Not Typically Recommended By Dermatologists, Since Long-Term Use Can Cause Other Skin Problems Like Stretch Marks.

Topical Steroids To Treat A Flare-Up, Or Non-Steroidal Creams Like Protopic, Ucrisa, And Elidel For Preventive Day-To-Day.

Homeopathy Medicine For Eczema:

SKIN – Eczema
Aethi-M. Aln. Alum. Anac. Ant-C. Anthraco. Arb. Ars. Ars-I. Berb. Berb-A. Borx. Bov. Calc. Canth. Caps. Carb-Ac. Carb-V. Castor-Eq. Caust. Chrysar. Cic. Clem. Com. Con. Crot-T. Dulc. Euph. Fl-Ac. Frax. Fuli. Graph. Hep. Hippoz. Hydrc. Jug-C. Kali-Ar. Kali-M. Kreos. Lyc. Mang-Act. Merc. Merc-C. Merc-D. Merc-Pr-R. Mez. Mur-Ac. Nat-Ar. Nat-M. Nux-V. Olnd. Petr. Pilo. Plb. Podo. Prim-V. Psor. Rhus-T. Rhus-V. Sars. Sep. Skook. Sul-I. Sulph. Thuj. Tub. Ust. Vinc. Viol-T. X-Ray Xero.

SKIN – Eczema – Behind Ears
Ars. Arund. Bov. Chrysar. Graph. Hep. Jug-R. Kali-M. Lyc. Mez. Olnd. Petr. Psor. Rhus-T. Sanic. Scroph-N. Sep. Staph. Tub.

SKIN – Eczema – Of – Face
Anac. Ant-C. Bac. Calc. Carb-Ac. Cic. Coloc. Corn. Crot-T. Hyper. Kali-Ar. Led. Merc-Pr-R. Psor. Rhus-T. Sep. Staph. Sul-I. Sulph. Vinc.

  1. Psoriasis

What It Looks Like: Scaly Skin, White Flakey Skin, Or Severe Dryness. People With Psoriasis May Also Suffer From Other Conditions Such As Joint Pain, Obesity, Autoimmune Disorders, Or Cardiovascular Disease.

Where You Get It: Knees, Elbows, Butt. In Severe Cases, All Over The Body.

What Causes It: Unknown.

When To See A Doctor: As Soon As You Notice Something. Your Doctor Can Establish A Baseline For Your Condition, Help Monitor Any Other Conditions That Go Along With Psoriasis, And Reduce Your Flare-Ups And Symptoms.

Allopathy Treatment: Topical Medications Such As Steroids, Maintenance Vitamin D (Dovonex), Tar, Protopic, And Foundational Emollients.

Otezla Prophylaxis, If The Surface Area Is Too Large To Treat With Topical Medications.

Antibody Injections Every 1-3 Months To Sop Up Extra Proteins.

Light Therapy With UVB Light To Suppress Inflammation.

Homeopathy Medicine For Psoriasis:

Repertorial Approach

Complete Repertory:

Head, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis Of Scalp: Pitu-A

Face, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis Around Eyebrows: 2Phosphorus

Male Sexual, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Penis: 1 Graphitis, Red-Br, Sepia

Male Sexual, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Penis Prepuce: 2Sepia, 1 Graphitis

Male Sexual, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Patches: 2 Nitric-Acid, 2 Petroleum, 1 Thuja

Back, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Patches:  2 Mezerium, 1 Calcarea, 1 Kali-Ars

Extrimities, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Upper Limbs: 2 Iris, 2 Kali, 1 Kali-Ars, 1 Rhus-Tox, 1 Silicea

Extremities, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Elbow, Patches: 2 Iris, 1 Kali-Sul, 2 Phosphorus, 1 Kali-Ars, 1 Morg-G

Extrimities, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Hand Psorisis, Diffusa: 3 Petroleum, 2 Arsenic, 2 Calcarea, 2 Chamomila, 2 Graphitis, 2 Kali- 2 Lyco, 2 Rhus-Tox, 2 Sulph.

Extremities, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Hand Back Of Chronic: 3 Graphitis, 3 Petroleum, 2 Arsenic, 2 Lycopodium, 2 Maland, 2 Phosphorus, 2 Rhus-Tox, 2 Sulphar,

Extremities, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis, Hand Palm: 3 Phosphorus, 2 Clema, 2 Hepar, 2 Lyco, 2 Mur-Acid, 2 Natrum-S,

SKIN, ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis: 3 Arsenic-Iod, 3 Lycopodium, 3 Marg-G, 3 Phyt, 3 Sepia, 3 Staph, 3 Thyr., 2 Ars, 2 Calcarea, 2 Cantheris, 2chin, 2 Chrysar, 2clem, 2 Graphitis, 2 Iris, 2 Kali-Br, 2 Kali-C, 2lob, 2 Mang, 2 Mezerium, 2nitric-Acid, 2 Petroleum, 2 Phosphorus, 2 Psorinum, 2 Pulsatila, 2 Rhus-Tox, 2 Sars, 2 Silicea, 2 Sulphar

Skin,ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis,Syphilis: 3 Arsenic-Iod, 3 Mercurius, 3 Phyt, 2 Cor-R, 2 Graphitis, 2 Kali-Bi, 2 Nitric-Acid, 2 Phosphorus, 2 Sars.

Skin,ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis,Diffusa: 2 Graphitis, 2 Mezerium, 2 Pulsatila

Skin,ERUPTIONS, Psoriasis,Inveterate: 2 Kali-Ars, 2 Mang, 2 Sepia, Silicea

Phatak’s Repertory Of The BIOCHEMIC REMEDIES:

Skin PSORIASIS: Calcarea Sulp, Kali- Phos, Kali Sulp; Natrum Mur, SILICEA

Inveterate: SILICEA.

A Concise Repertory Of Homeopathic Medicines By Dr.S.R.PHATAK :

ERUPTIONS: Psoriasis: Ars-Iod, Clemetris, Dulcamara, Grapitis, Pho, Ranan-Bul, Sepia, Sulphar, Berberis-Aq, Bor, Kali-Mur+,Mang, Mercurius, Phyto, Psorinum, Radm, Thyr, Tuber+

Itching Without: Cupric-Ac

Scales, Shining+: Iris

  1. Skin Cancer

What It Looks Like: Moles, Skin Growths That Change Over Time, Or Cuts/Sunburns/Ingrown Hairs That Take A Long Time To Heal.

Types Of Skin Cancer: Basal And Squamous Skin Cancer Caused By Sun Exposure. People With Fair Skin, Light Eyes, And Freckles Are More At Risk. Melanoma, A More Serious Type Of Skin Cancer Found In Moles That May Change Shape Over Time. You Can Track Your Moles Over Time Using The ABCDE Evaluation Rubric (Asymmetrical Shape, Border, Color, Diameter, And Evolution).

Where You Get It: Anywhere.

What Causes It: Genetics And Sun Exposure.

When To See A Doctor: Dr.Abhishek Recommends An Annual Skin Check With A Dermatologist. During These Visits, Your Doctor May Take Samples Or Remove Moles If Anything Looks Suspicious. Prior To Your Skin Check, It’s A Good Idea To Talk To Your Family Members To Learn About Any History Of Melanoma To Help Your Doctor Determine Your Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer.

Allopathy Treatment: Early Recognition And Detection Are The Only Options To Effectively Treat Skin Cancer. Seeing A Doctor As Soon As You Notice An Irregular Growth May Decrease Risk Of Metastasis Of Skin Cancer To Other Areas Of The Body. The Earlier You Catch Skin Cancer, The Smaller Your Lesions, Which Means That You’ll Have Smaller Scars When You Get Treatment. There Are Also More Non-Surgical Options For Early Skin Cancers.

Homeopathic Treatment: Aura Homoeopathic Clinic Work On The Main Pathology Or The Root Cause Of Any Disease. As Per Homeopathy Mole Is Due To Underlying Miasmatic Influence And Imbalance Of Vital Principle. Classical Homeopathy Treatment At Aura Homeopathy Gently Stimulating The Vital Force, Strengthening It Naturally And Completes The Healing Process With The Help Of Similimum – Well Selected Homeopathic Medicine.

  1. Rosacea

What It Looks Like: Redness In Your Face, Especially When Drinking Or Embarrassed. In Severe Cases, Papules Or Pustules Near The Cheekbones As Well.

Where You Get It: Face.

What Causes It: Basel Model Instability In Your Facial Blood Vessels. Demodex, A Microscopic Mite That Lives On The Surface Of Your Skin.

Allopathy Treatment: Topical Solutions Such As Ivermectin To Kill The Demodex. For Less Severe Rosacea, Oxymetazoline To Stabilize Basel Motors.

Homeopathy Treatment: Aura Homoeopathic Clinic Work On The Main Pathology Or The Root Cause Of Any Disease. Classical Homeopathy Treatment At Aura Homeopathy Gently Stimulating The Vital Force, Strengthening It Naturally And Completes The Healing Process With The Help Of Similimum – Well Selected Homeopathic Medicine.

  1. Warts

What They Look Like: A Cluster Of Rough Bumps, Or A Single Nub That’s Raised And Textured.

Where You Get Them: Anywhere, Including Your Genitals.

What Causes Them: Viruses Contracted From Skin-To-Skin Contact.

When To See A Doctor: As Soon As You Notice Something To Prevent Spreading The Virus. Genital Warts May Cause Cervical Cancer And Are Easily Passed From One Partner To Another. They Need To Be Biopsied To Determine If They’re HPV1 Or HPV2, A Higher-Risk Virus That May Lead To Cancer.

Allopathy Treatment: Topical Creams And Solutions Such As Aldara Or Salicylic Acid, Which May Debride The Wart. In-Office Removal By Freezing, Cutting, Or Lasering.

Injection Of A Chemo Agent Called Bleomycin.

Immuno Smart Bomb Targeting With Candida (Aka Yeast), Which May Be Injected Into The Wart. Because Your Body Naturally Fights Yeast, It May Also Kill The Wart That’s Been Injected With It.

Parting Words If You Notice Something’s Up With Your Skin, It’s A Good Idea To Call Your Dermatologist. While Most Of These Common Skin Conditions Aren’t Life-Threatening, The Sooner You Seek Treatment, The Faster You’ll Find Relief.

Homeopathy Treatment For Warts: To Begin With, The Homeopathic Medicine Have Been Used Since The Time Of Worthy Dr.Hahnemann To Cure Different Types Of Warts. The Specific Individualized Homeopathic Medicine Is Selected Based On The Symptomatic Pattern.

  1. Urticaria


Pathologically Urticaria Is Due To  Activation Of Basophils And Mast Cells, Which Are Also Termed Ascells Of The Skin Immune System.These Cells Are Responsible For The Release Of Numerous Chemical Mediators, Including Histamine, A Substance That Causes Vasodilation, Itching, Swelling Of The Skin And Angioedema.

Few  Patients Are Hypersenstive To Few Food Products, Smell Or Chemical, Etc. Due To The Oversensitivity, They Produce Certain Allergic Reaction Which Lead To Different Skin Disease. Our Master Dr. Hahnemann Has Expressed Regarding Urticaria In Organon, Aphorism No.-117, Sixth Edition.

In Aphorism 117 Our Master Emphasizes About Idiosyncrasy. He Says That It Is A Unusual Earthly Charter Which Otherwise Healthy Posses A Disposition To Be Brought Into More Or Less Morbid State By Certain Things Which Seem To Produce No Impression And No Change In Many Other Individuals.

Miasmatic Interpretation

Allergic Reactions Are The Indication Of Psoric And Pseudo-Psoric Miasms. The Skin Manifestation Including Skin Eruption, Itching Are Proven Manifestation Of Primary Psora, Also Hypersensitivity Reaction At Physical And Mental Level. Hypersensitive Reaction To Certain Ingestants, Inhalants Etc Are Coming Under Psoric Miasm. Hence Skin Allergies Comes Under Psora, But When Our Body Gets Tired And Feeble And Hyper Reacts It Points Towards Tubercular Miasm. Hence Skin Allergies Can Come To Both Posra And Tubercular Miasm

Dr. Abhishek Kasana Is Owner Of Aura Homeopathy Clinic India, MD Homeopathy, Fellowship In Dermatology And Ex Chief Consultant At Bakson’s Homeopathy. Dr. Abhishek Particular Expertise Is In Skin Disease And Allergies.

Aura Homeopathy Clinic India – Skin Disease – Dermatology And Homeopathy

Homeopathy Treatment For Skin Disease: Number Of Case Study Shows Homeopathy Treatment Is Found To Be Very Useful In The Treatment Of Various Skin Disease Incuding, Eczema, Psoriasis, Lichen Planus, Verucca Vulgaris, Psoriasis, Warts, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Molluscum, Acne, Herpes, Urticaria, Pigmentation And Melasma. Aura Homeopathy Clinic Also Published A Number Case Study Of Patients With Different Skin Disease.

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