58 Visa Free Countries for Indians - Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2019

58 Visa Free Countries for Indians – Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2019.So pack your bag for planning a holiday abroad including beautiful country like Indonesia, Bhutan, Mauritius,Nepal,Maldives, Seychelles and many more.

Top Country to visit visa free for Indian Citizens in 2019

  1.  Thailand

    Unlike foreign citizens, Indians can simply get a Visa on Arrival in Thailand for just US$ 35! Bear in mind that your stay does not exceed 15-30 days. In addition, Indians must hold the onward or return flight tickets along with a minimum of 10,000 baht (around US$ 315.06) per person and 20,000 baht (US$ 630.06) per family during the stay. An entry fee of 2,000 THB also needs to be paid in Thai currency.Thailand is known for its glittering temples or Wats, so be sure to include at least one of these in your trip.

  2. Mauritius Mauritius is precisely prominent for its sapphire-blue waters, shimmering beaches and, luxury resorts that offer a front-row seat onto some of the most stunning views of the Indian Ocean. These are the places of the extreme finesse, immaculate service, amenities that range from coddling spas, designer rooms, and extensive watersports choices to wistful swimming pools, and world-class restaurants
  3. Seychelles

    Indians can obtain a Visa on Arrival for Seychelles, for a maximum stay of 30 days. To obtain the visa they must hold an onward or return ticket and funds of minimum US$ 150 per person per day, along with proof of accommodation.Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean and is a popular destination for newlyweds, owing to its pristine beaches, azure waters and lush greenery.

  4. Bhutan
    All you need to produce at the port of entry is a valid passport with a minimum of 6-month validity, voter ID, and a passport size photograph to travel to this divine country.
    The last great Himalayan kingdom cloaked in mystery and magic, Bhutan is a divine nation where a conventional Buddhist culture prudently embraces global expansions. With Monasteries on cliffs, prayer wheels, and fluttering coloured prayer flags, this astounding Himalayan landscape boasts snow-clad peaks that rise above ethereal tranquillity rounded in primaeval forests. The enduring images of the “Last Shangrila” are as iconic as the country itself!
  5. Nepal
    Lodged between the high Himalaya and the clammy Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snowy mountain tops- namely The Everest and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, hermitages, and mantras. Everest is a testimony to a climber’s willpower and physical endurance and the spiritual aura of the shrines and monasteries in Nepal help to sustain that endurance well! Nepal is indeed an exhilarating destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers.
  6. Maldives 
    Superlative luxury, spectacular white-sand beaches and a remarkable underwater world make the Maldives an apparent choice to experience a holiday of a lifetime. Dotted with possibly the best beaches in the world; Maldives is famous for consistently luminous cyan-blue waters, softer granules of whiter-than-white powder sand and that it’s hard not to become blas about them. To make it more difficult to resist, Maldives is flocked with the world’s most exclusive hotel brands that compete with each other to attain ever-greater heights of luxury. Whoa! Every resort in the Maldives has its own private island!
  7. Madagascar
  8. BaharinFlocking over 3 lakhs Indian expats, Indians make up the largest expatriate population in Bahrain. The latest visa policy of Bahrain provides easy access to the country and facilitates the Indian residents to apply for electronic visas that can be acquired through a simple online application process. Under the latest policy, visas will be valid for a month and can be renewed for up to three months.
    Like an oyster, Bahrain has a jagged peripheral that takes some levering open, but it’s always worth the effort. Manama may lack the grace of other Gulf capitals, but that’s key to its raw appeal. The storied location of ancient Dilmun and the epicentre of the Gulf’s pearling past, Bahrain has an antiquity to display with pride. Currently, the country boasts its own Formula 1 Grand Prix. Bahrain’s buoyancy may have been dazed by the repercussion of the Arab Spring, but its charm still endures the hallmarks of wealth.

Check 29 Visa Free,32 Visal on Arrival and 21 E-Visa  country 

1 Bahrain eVisa
2 Bhutan No Visa
3 Bolivia Visa on Arrival
4 Cambodia Visa on Arrival
5 Cape Verde Visa on Arrival
6 Comoros Visa on Arrival
7 Cote d’Ivoire eVisa
8 Djibouti Visa on Arrival
9 Dominica No Visa
10 Ecuador No Visa
11 El Salvador No Visa
12 Ethiopia Visa on Arrival
13 Fiji No Visa
14 Gabon eVisa
15 Georgia eVisa
16 Grenada No Visa
17 Guinea-Bissau Visa on Arrival
18 Guyana Visa on Arrival
19 Haiti No Visa
20 Indonesia Visa on Arrival
21 Jamaica No Visa
22 Jordan Visa on Arrival
23 Kenya eVisa
24 Laos Visa on Arrival
25 Madagascar Visa on Arrival
26 Maldives Visa on Arrival
27 Mauritania Visa on Arrival
28 Mauritius No Visa
29 Micronesia No Visa
30 Moldova eVisa
31 Myanmar eVisa
32 Nepal No Visa
33 Palau Visa on Arrival
34 Rwanda eVisa
35 Saint Kitts and Nevis No Visa
36 Saint Lucia Visa on Arrival
37 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines No Visa
38 Samoa Permit on Arrival
39 São Tomé and Príncipe eVisa
40 Senegal No Visa Required
41 Seychelles No Visa
42 Somalia Visa on Arrival
43 Sri Lanka No Visa but special permit required
44 Tanzania Visa on Arrival
45 Thailand Visa on Arrival
46 Togo Visa on Arrival
47 Timor-Leste Visa on Arrival
48 Trinidad and Tobago No Visa
49 Tuvalu Visa on Arrival
50 Uganda Visa on Arrival
51 Vanuatu No Visa
52 Zambia eVisa
53 Zimbabwe eVisa
54 Antartica No Visa/ Execpt ship
55 FYRO Macedonia No Visa
56 Svalbard No Visa
57 Montserrat No Visa
58 Turks & Caicos Islands No Visa for Exempted countries, For India it is require