Best Places to visit in Matheran Hill Station

Best Places to visit in Matheran Hill Station

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Matheran is a hill station, near Mumbai, in the west Indian state of Maharashtra.Some of tourist places in Matheran to visit are  Louisa Point,Porcupine Point (Sunset Point),Charlotte Lake,Panorama Point,Neral-Matheran Toy Train,Alexander Point,One Tree Hill Point

Echo Point, Matheran

Echo point is one of the beautiful points in the hill station that offers a wonderful view of the surroundings. As its name suggests Echo point is well known for hearing echoes from the hills.

Charlotte Lake, Matheran

Charlotte Lake is a prevalent picnic spot, which is also referred as Sharlott Lake. The water body in this lake is the primary source of drinking water in Matheran and the neighboring region. There is an ancient temple to the right of the lake also magnetism. The two beautiful picnic spots, Louisa point, and Echo point are located close to this lake. This provides shelter to contrasting species of birds.

Alexander Point, Matheran

Alexander point is one of the popular locations in the town, which gives lovely views of Palasdari Lake, Rambuag point, Garbut Point, Chowk Point and the downhill village of Borgaon. This site is located on the side of Madhavji road on the backdrop of green forests.

One Tree Hill Point, Matheran

One tree hill point is a popular site among tourists, which is a distinct point with a single Jambhul tree situated at the top. Hiking through the Shivaji’s ladder and climbing down from the hill to the valley is an exciting experience. This cool and calm site is visited by the tourists in large number for relaxation. Tent hill and Chowk village can be spotted from the One Tree Hill Point.

Louisa Point, Matheran

Louisa Point is one of the important sightseeing destinations, which provides views of beautiful surroundings. The shape of this point resembles that of the head of the lion. This point offers beautiful views ancient monuments that include forts of Vishalgad and Prabalgad.

Panorama Point, Matheran

Panorama point is a significant sightseeing, which is famous for offering a beautiful sight of sunrise. This point is an ideal picnic spot from where travelers can sight Porcupine point and Monkey Point. Porcupine Point, Matheran This point is also known as Sunset Point, one of the major tourist fascinations of the destination.The shape of this point is ideally identical to the shape of the bird.Cathedral rocks located on the western side from Porcupine Point Louisa Point are the highlights of the site. This spot is visited by the nature lovers, to sight mountain ranges, towns, and forests along with the sunset. King George Point, Matheran King George Point is another remarkable point which is situated close to the Charlotte Lake. During monsoons, this lake overflows and forms several waterfalls in the region. Garbut Point, Matheran This point is sightseeing location of the town, which is located at distance of 5 km from Post Office of Matheran. This point is visited by the tourists to view sunrise and sunset. Little Chowk Point, Matheran This point is one of the popular tourists’ locations of the destination which offers a view of Sahyadri ranges, Panvel town, and Karnala fort.Tourists can also spot Vishalgad Fort and Prabal Fort from this location.