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What’s Up Brother meaning Trend on Tiktok

Sketch whats up brother The “What’s up, brother?” trend on TikTok started with a streamer named Sketch, known for his funny catchphrases and gestures while playing Madden NFL. The trend began when Sketch answered a FaceTime call from his friend Jynxzi during a stream and greeted him with “What’s up, brother?” This simple greeting, accompanied by pointing upwards, caught on and became viral. Sketch’s phrases, including “Tuesday, Tuesday” and “Special teams, special plays, special players,” are now quoted by NFL and NBA players. Even famous athletes like Bryce Harper have been seen imitating Sketch’s gestures during games. Despite occasional crude jokes, Sketch is known for apologizing for swearing during streams. The trend’s humor and relatability have made it more than just an internet fad, spreading to mainstream sports and beyond. When Did the Trend Start? The “What’s up, brother?” trend on TikTok began in March 2024. It originated when Jynxzi, a friend of the popular streamer Sketch, initiated a FaceTime call during one of Sketch’s streams. Sketch’s response, “What’s up, brother?” to Jynxzi’s gesture quickly caught on and became a viral sensation on TikTok. Since its inception in March 2024, the trend has rapidly spread across social media platforms and even into mainstream sports like the NFL and NBA. What Makes a Video Trend on TikTok? Videos trend on TikTok when they resonate with a wide audience, evoke strong emotions, and encourage engagement. Factors contributing to a video’s trendiness include originality, creativity, relatability, and entertainment value. Memorable catchphrases, catchy music, challenges, dance routines, and humorous skits often go viral. Additionally, videos that align with current events, popular culture, or emerging trends tend to gain traction. The TikTok algorithm also plays a crucial role, in promoting content based on user interaction, engagement, and sharing. Ultimately, a successful TikTok video captures attention, prompts viewers to participate, and inspires them to share, leading to widespread visibility and virality.