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Instax Smartphone printer Camera-Fujifilm India Instant photo camera Fujifilm Instax, a leader in instant photography, brings the joy of capturing memories right to your fingertips. Through our user-friendly e-commerce platform, you can easily explore and purchase a variety of instant cameras, printers and films. Our Mini Series Cameras, featuring the Mini 12, Mini 11, Mini 9, Mini 40, and Mini 90, cater to different preferences. The SQ1 and SQ20 Square Cameras provide a larger perspective, while the Wide 300 Camera plus Printer is the best for wide prints. The Hybrid Series features cameras that can also print your photos in an instant, like the Instax mini EVO and mini LiPlay. We’ve got Instant Printers, too, such as the Mini Link 2, Wide Link, and Square Link, making it super easy to print your smartphone memories. Fujifilm Instax is here to make capturing moments a breeze. Fujifilm Instax is a brand of instant still cameras and instant films, manufactured and marketed by Fujifilm. Instax was first introduced to the world in 1998, and was brought to India in 2010. Fujifilm Instax instant cameras are based on the instant film system,and are defined by three formats of films: Mini, Square, and Wide. These formats are differentiated by size. Based on this, Instax instant cameras come in three varieties: the Mini series, the Square series, and the Wide 300. The Mini series, which includes the Mini 9, Mini 11, Mini LiPlay, Mini 40, and Mini 90, is Instax’s most popular set of cameras. They are light, portable, and come in lovely pops of purple, blue, yellow, and pink to brighten up your days and memories. The Square cameras – the SQ1 and SQ20 – and the Wide 300 camera are bigger, wider, and come in classic combinations of brown, orange, white, black, and blue. For the cameras that are an artwork on their own, the instant films are complementary necessities. The film comes in 3 sizes – Mini, Square & Wide. The glossy film yields superb results under both daylight and electronic flash conditions. Theexcellent picture quality and ease of use make the films ideal for snapshots and portraits, and because it is easy to store and carry, it is also a great choice for documenting the special and important moments of life. They come in a vast variety of design as well like the rainbow, airmail, candypop,colour gradient, and patterned frames. What does our product stand for? The Instax instant camera allows users to take and produce photos on the spot. While digital cameras have made it possible for anyone to take photographs easily and conveniently, young people now want to take pictures that are unique and personal. Thus, they have been looking for new methods of self-expression. With Fujifilm Instax, they found the distinctively warm look and size of Instax photographs ideal for expressing their thoughts simply and directly. Instant photos havenow become a means for people to showcase their personality and creativity through photography, a trend that is being led by young generation with an eye for fashion and art.
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