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Renovation and Sandblasting Services a well-known steel corrosion protection company in Bangalore proudly stands as India’s best sandblasting service company. Our extensive services encompass a wide spectrum, from sandblasting, grit blasting, painting, and thermal spray coating services in Bangalore. We are your trusted clients not just in Bangalore but across the nation. Since our inception in 2001, we have grown and evolved, earning a reputation as the go-to experts in various fields. Our expertise ranges from thermal spray galvanizing people to thermal spray aluminum zinc coating and Metal heat treatment services. We also excel as sandblasting people and grit-blasting people, demonstrating.
Madhu Metallizing India Pvt Ltd Stands As A First Hand Identity Among The Industry. With An Absolute Intention Of Building Quality Relationships And Offering End-To-End Anti Corrosion Solutions, Madhu Metallizing India Pvt Ltd Believes In Efficiency And Time Bound Processes Are The Key To High Quality And Cost Effective Solutions. Sandblasting Sand Blasting And Grit Blasting Will Be Done To Clean The Surface And Remove The Rust, Grease, Millscale And Create Good Surface For Next Operation Like Painting, Zinc Or Alluminium Coating Stress Relieving Stress Relieving Heat Treatment Is A Unique Process Of Heating A Metal Under Consistent Temperature Typically Aiding In The Removal Of Internal/Residual Stress Accumulation. Spray Galvanizing Madhu Metallazing India Carries Thermal Spray Zinc Coating Also Called As Metallizing/Thermal Spray Galvanizing A Pure 99.9% Of Zinc Will Be Thermally Sprayed On The Surface. Spray Alluminizing Aluminizing Is A Cold Process Where The With A Standardised Temperature Setting With A Wear Resistant Alloy Quickly Sprayed And Deposited On A Pre Activated Substrate Resulting In A Denser Layer And Powerful Bonding With The Base Metal. Spray Painting Enhance The Metal Spray Coating Protective System In Iron & Steel Structure With Sealant Application And Spray Painting. The Sealant Penetrates Into The Surface Material Thus Filling The Gaps And Pores Reducing.. Plot #317, 8th Cross Road, Road, Near NTTF Circle, Ganapathy Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560058 Contact Us Call: +91 9880330088