Roof garden design in London Mylandscapes

Roof garden design in London Mylandscapes Claimed

Elevate your outdoor living with stunning roof terrace designs by Mylandscapes

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Roof garden design in London

Mylandscapes excels at designing roof terraces and roof garden design that provide multiple functions within a small footprint. In one such instance, we have skillfully designed a terrace that combines a seating area with a sofa for lounging and a dining area with seating for six people. Recognizing that the view is the focal point of a roof terrace, Mylandscapes employs design principles that complement rather than compete with the vista. To ensure that the view remains unobstructed, low-growing plants are chosen and ample open space is incorporated, thereby creating a sense of openness and harmony with the surrounding landscape. In addition, strategically placed patches of vegetation soften the hardscape elements without obstructing the view. Mylandscapes selects plants that thrive in harsh conditions, such as high winds and low temperatures, that are commonly encountered on rooftops. Grass is used not only to provide privacy, but also to add texture and movement while maintaining the view. Mylandscapes transforms roof terraces into inviting and functional outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend into their surroundings, providing a tranquil oasis with unobstructed views through the application of a conscientious strategy and expert knowledge. Mylandscapes roof terrace design will elevate your outdoor living.