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Shivalik Engineering is your reliable partner for premium iron castings across diverse industrial niche, from automotive giants to agricultural powerhouses. With 15+ years of expertise, we specialise in crafting precision castings like wheel hubs, brake drums, tractor components, commercial vehicle parts, and railway castings. Our progressive foundry utilises advanced techniques, such as horizontal line, high-pressure moulding (HPML), and flask moulding to deliver exceptional quality in SG iron and grey iron. Whether you require components for automobiles, tractors, commercial vehicles, railways, or general engineering applications, our commitment to quality shines through robust quality control measures. As a leading casting supplier and machining supplier, we’ve built a reputation for excellence, exporting our ferrous castings worldwide. Explore our comprehensive products of HPML castings and flask-molded parts. Also, discover how Shivalik Engineering can be your partner for all your iron casting requirements.