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Water Testing Services in Madurai Tamil Nadu Jancy Labs Pvt Ltd, motto is to exceed the expectation of the customer requirements through a well knitted and organized laboratory quality system in delivering the customer, quality and reliable testing services.

The laboratory was established in the year October 2018 named as Jay Aar Material Testing Lab (P) Ltd with a view to cater the services in the field of testing of building materials, rocks & soils for various civil industries, roads and building construction units with respect to Mechanical testing of Aggregates, Bitumen, Bitumen / Asphalt Mixtures, Cement, Soils and Rock materials etc.,

The laboratory has been named as Jancy Labs Private Limited in February 2019 which is a private limited organization headed by Mr. O. Santhosh Kumar, and is the Director of this laboratory. The laboratory was registered with Government of India vide Certificate of Incorporation in July 2019.

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Aggregate Testing Aggregate Testing in madurai This test determines the strength of aggregate, which is commonly used in the production of concrete. It entails compressing a known amount of aggregate with a single particle size in a mould and measuring the load necessary to convert 10% of the particles to fine material. Brick Testing Brick Testing in madurai Testing of Bricks is performed both on the job site and in the laboratory. A variety of test on bricks is performed to verify their suitability for use in construction. Bricks are one of the oldest and most significant building materials due to their longevity, dependability, strength, and low cost. Bricks are construction materials made of clay and come in a specific size. Additionally, they are the foundational components of construction. Steel Testing Steel Testing in madurai Reinforcing bars are used in reinforced concrete and are one of the main parts of R.C.C. structure. For that reason, quality of plain and deformed bars should be checked specially for yield, ultimate strength and elongation. Cement Testing Cement Testing in madurai Quality tests on cement are carried out to check the strength and quality of the cement used in construction. It helps to identify the usage of cement for different purposes based on its durability and performance. Block Testing Block Testing in madurai Concrete masonry blocks are generally made of cement, aggregate and water. Which are usually rectangular and are used in construction of masonry structure. They are available in solid and hollow forms. Non Destructive Testing Non Destructive Testing in madurai Testing methods that do not compromise the structural integrity of the parts being tested are called non-destructive tests (NDT). NDT employs various inspection techniques to evaluate the components, individually or collectively. SPT test SPT Testing in madurai The standard penetration test (SPT) is an in-situ dynamic penetration test designed to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. This test is the most frequently used subsurface exploration drilling test performed worldwide. Rebound hammer test Rebound Testing in madurai Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provide a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete. The rebound hammer is also called as Schmidt hammer that consist of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tubular housing. Network Survey Vehicle Network Survey Vehicle in madurai The Network Survey Vehicle is based on the latest survey techniques utilizing Laser, Global Positioning System and Video image processing tools etc. The Survey Vehicle is used for automatic collection of road inventory and pavement condition related data required for Road Asset Management, Pavement Maintenance Management System and Road Safety Audit Related Studies. Soil Investigation Soil Investigation in madurai Soil investigation must be undertaken to determine the bearing capacity of the soil, its settlement rate and the position of the water table. One of the easiest methods is to dig trial pits and visual inspections carried out then samples with minimum disturbance are collected for subsequent laboratory testing. Traffic Survey Traffic Survey in madurai Traffic surveys aim to capture data that accurately reflects the real-world traffic situation in the area. It may be counting the number of vehicles using a road or collecting journey time information for example, but there are many other types of data that traffic surveys collect. Falling Weight Deflectometer Brick Testing in madurai The Falling Weight Deflectometer is a device that is used to evaluate pavement and pavement layer stiffness. It is a trailer-mounted device that operates by dropping a weight on to the pavement and measuring the resulting pavement deflections.